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Featured Story

The Society for New Communications Research and The Conference Board Announce Call for Entries for the 2016 Excellence in New Communications Awards

11/16/2015 - Prestigious Awards Honor Excellence in the Use of Digital, Social and Mobile Technologies to Positively Impact Business, Culture and Society

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Fortune 500 Increase Adoption of Instagram, Decrease Blogging According to a New Study

11/02/2015 - According to a new study by the UMASS Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research the Fortune 500 has increased adoption of Instagram by 13% and decreased blogging by 10%.

Online Newsrooms Lag Behind Media Content Trends

03/31/2015 - PRESSfeed and The Society for New Communication Research release 2015 Media Trends and Online Newsroom report

New Study Shows LinkedIn is the Tool of Choice But Blogging Declines Among the Inc. 500

02/25/2015 - 94% of the Inc. 500 use LinkedIn according to a study by UMASS at Dartmouth Center for Market Research

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Media Coverage

Here comes the debt: How media is changing the way we wed

04/24/2015 - Elizabeth Fairbanks-Fletcher with the Society for New Communications Research says the media play a big role in telling us what’s normal.

Retailers brace for media-savvy holiday shoppers

11/08/2014 - Consumers will arrive at stores armed with a wide array of data on just what to buy, according to Media Post editor Jack Loechner, citing a study from the Society for New Communications Research.

Shared Opinions on Social Media Major Influence on Purchase

10/08/2014 - According to a study from The Society For New Communications Research, summarized by Vanessa DiMauro and Don Bulmer, the reputation of a company is no longer defined by what they “report” or what they “say” they stand for. Instead, they are increasingly defined by the shared opinions and experiences of socially-connected consumers.

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